In July 2016 Kenso commissioned a new oil palm processing mill. The development in the Kunak region in Sabah East Malaysia sits on a 30-acre site and is within Kenso’sSapang oil palm estate. The mill has the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches per annum and will service Kenso’s Sabah plantations and other neighbouring estates.

The end products of the milling process is crude palm oil which is then shipped for refining and palm kernel material which can then be converted to bio-mass energy and further processed into palm kernel extract (PKE), widely used for animal feed.

The mill is self-sufficient in energy and also generates by-products of commercial value. The main by-product is biomass compost fertiliser, which is applied in Kenso’s plantations, reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers. The compost fertiliser plant has a capacity of approximately 20,000 MT on an annualized basis and is capable of producing high grade compost fertilisers for commercial sale.

The establishment and commissioning of the mill is in line with Kenso’s strategy to be an integrated food and agricultural business complementing agricultural inputs, farming and food processing businesses.

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